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Mario & Barbara

Our first meeting with the gorgeous Spaniards, Barbara and Mario, will never be forgotten… Barbara asked what I was wearing so she could recognize me and I said Navy pants – when I arrived, in navy pants, she was super confused as she was expecting Camo pants – Barbara had just started her English lessons….! This set the tone for many a giggle in the months to come as we planned their week-long Wedding Celebration in Cape Town.

B&M, as they soon lovingly became known, were set on creating the best week in South Africa their 100 odd Guests were ever going to experience and we became their partners in crime. With lots of very necessary meetings over delicious lunches at a new spot needing to be explored each time, was how we came to know their plans for their Big Week! One thing was the same at each time we met – B&M had an incredible love for each other that could be felt by all who came in contact with them. We loved each and every (never dull) moment we got to spend with them….

After numerous site visits, crazy ideas and even more crazy plans – we were ready! Their Guests eventually arrived in South Africa and were treated to a day on the beach at Llandudno with epic food from the Santa Anna’s Team as well as great surf and an even better sunset.

Their second day in Cape Town was the big event, the Wedding! With the Ceremony taking place at the beautiful Holy Cross Catholic Church in District Six, Barbara arrived in an impressive Jeep Wrangler with her very proud brother Alvuro. A traditional Ceremony was ended off with a toss of confetti as the Newly Weds embarked with the wind in their hair on the drive to Tokara Wine Estate. Guests hopped onto well-equipped buses and were hot on the Couple’s heels!

Arriving at Tokara, Guests were treated to decadent food chosen especially by the Couple over months of deciding and tasting and deciding some more! Cocktails flowed as Shout MC’s African Jazz Quartet entertained guests under the South African sunshine. Mario had a special collection of Wines from the Cape for his guests to encounter and the best was left to last as Guests were ushered up to the Wine Tasting Center for the final wine and canapé. The Tokara Director’s Reserve Red was expertly paired with Kudu Tartar, Togarashi, Pickled Ginger and Aïoli which was savored by all. Upon entering the Restaurant, Guests were entranced by the ceiling full of floating floral created by the incredibly talented Team from OKASIE. The tables were equally as breathtakingly adorned with rich, blushing floral and foliage that echoed B&M to a tee. As Guests were seated the fun began as the practical-jokers that B&M are came to the fore and Guests were treated to fun and games throughout the rest of the evening!

The moment dinner was complete the dancefloor was packed and just never seemed to empty out – until the midnight feast was served in the form of a Food Truck! Guests went to sample the Goose Roasters offering and were side-tracked by the carnival that lay waiting for them – a mechanical bull, popcorn machine, candy station and photobooth kept guests entertained until way after 2am!

With a day to recover, Guests then were treated to a Tour to Cape Point with a picnic close to Buffels Bay and finished off with a guided scuba dive planned by Pisces Diving Academy for those who were keen. Those who were not, got to hang out with the Penguins at Boulders Beach!

New Year’s Eve was a whole new level of celebration and we got to do it Spanish style! B&M treated their guests to a VIP experience at Grand Africa Café & Beach which was well received to say the least! Needless to say, B&M headed off to a Honeymoon that was well earned and very much needed to recover! We can’t wait for them to come back so we can relive all the moments again!

Service Providers:

Venue and Catering: Tokara Wine Estate
Ceremony: Holy Cross Catholic Church
Wedding Cake: Lia Rothman Cakes
Bridal HMU: Corle Barnard
Videography: Ebert Steyn Films
Photographer: Kristi Agier Photography
DJ: The DJ Company
Entertainment: Shout MC
Food Truck: The Goose Roasters
Mechanical Bull: Blackball Rentertainment
Linen: Tablecloth Hiring
Floral and Furniture: OKASIE
Lighting: In and Out
Technical: DNG Presentation Staging
Photobooth: Retro Photobooth
Stationery: Lara Designs and Kirstin Simone
Bridal Car: Status Luxury Vehicles
Transportation: Hadiya Li Africa