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Corporate Year End Picnic

A Picnic is a good idea at any time however, as a Year End Strat Session – it’s a great one!

When one of our Corporate Clients wanted to have a Strategy Session with their Team to end off their year, we instantly thought outside of the box.

 The Cape Point Vineyards was our first, and only, choice and boy was it a good one! We created a striking space for guests with 5m wooden cabanas draped in cool stone linen and striking lounge furniture, carpets and oversized cushions. Vibrant and whimsical floral adored spaces bringing the garden to our Guests and adding that extra element that only flowers can. Printed and branded linen napkins where pegged to twine and twisted gently in the welcome breeze of a rather warm Summers Day. Wooden wine barrel lids were overflowing with fresh fruits, ample cheeses, various biscuits, copious nuts and more were waiting of Guests to enjoy as well as ice cold Beers and Cape Point Vineyards flagship Wines.

 Guests arrived and settled in for their Strat Session that not only ended a fruitful year, but also made way for a prosperous year ahead!

Service Providers:

Venue: Cape Point Vineyards
Photographer: Inecke Photography
Floral: Joan Bloom
Furniture: Scape
Stationery: Lara Friday Designs